I created the ‘heart’ and ‘club’ symbols using the pen tool. With the ‘heart’ I needed to use the direct select tool and the add anchor point pen tool to add and manipulate anchor points to create the more rounded shape in the poster. The ‘spade’ and ‘queen’s crown’ were created by using circles, rectangles and triangles and grouping them together to form the desired, new shape. The ‘king’s crown’ was created placing circles, partially over a trapezoid and using the pathfinder tool to cut the circular shape out. The background is one square repeated over and over in a checkerboard pattern, with all the squares grouped together and the opacity turned down to 15%. The font is Georgia. All the letters are their own objects, achieved through Type-Create Outlines. For the ‘i’ in ‘Design’ I removed the dot above the stem using the subtract anchor pen tool. The two concentric rounded rectangles are two concentric, rounded rectangles with no fill and red 3pt and black 4pt stroke. The white border is a rectangle with no fill and a 43pt white stroke.