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                            Welcome to my portfolio website!


This is where you can view and find information on all my works. Majority of these pieces were used in my current portfolio to get me into the Cal U graphic design program. I also have works I have done for my own business; I run an Etsy shop and created my own logo and business card.


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I created the logo above as the icon for my personal Etsy shop titled Savvy Artistry, it is designed to look simple like an app icon. I also designed this business card I use for distribution for my shop.





















I am very passionate about yoga, so I designed the shirt shown above that combines the calming breathing repetition techniques used in yoga and the lotus, a common yoga symbol. Those aspects partnered with a flowing text and opaque colors gives this T-shirt a calming look and feel.
















Shown above is what I created for the final project for my Typography course. The assignment dictated the design of packaging, a CD cover, and a brochure of a chosen typeface as if to be sold in the Museum of modern art gift shop. The brochure needed to have 750 words and give information about the typeface and its creator.









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Alexa's Portfolio Website