welcome all!


Welcome to my online painting portfolio. Although my major is Graphic Design, one of my favorite hobbies is painting and I also take painting classes here at Cal. On my website you will be able to see multiple works of mine that I have created starting since my freshman year of college. Most of my works on this site are actually from the painting class that I took the second semester of my Junior year. All of the works that I do are made using acrylic paints. Some of the materials that I paint on are stretched canvases, empty glass bottles and antique saw blades. The process to make these paintings are quite simple most of the time. Keep reading to learn about the process of my paintings.

Acrylic on Canvas

When creating a canvas painting the first thing to do is make sure the canvas is covered with gesso. This keeps the paints from soaking through the canvas material. Usually when I use canvas I buy the pre-gessoed canvases. Once the canvas has been gessoed and has thoroughly dried I can begin to sketch out where I want the subject and I begin to paint.

Acrylic on Saw Blades

Working with saw blades takes a little more time than the other materials. If the saw is rusty then it needs to be sanded and wiped down. The saw then needs to be primed so that it holds the paint and so the rust doesn't come back through. Once it has been primed I begin to sketch out where I want everything to be then I simply paint everything out. When everything is done I also put a clear coat of finish to protect the paints from chipping.

Acrylic on Glass

Whenever I work with glass bottles the first thing I need to do is clean them out with warm soap and water. I also need to soak them to remove the labels. After they have been cleaned and dried I can begin to paint on them. Once they are completely painted with whatever design I want I then coat them with a clear gloss finish.


Hello Everyone!