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With consistent technological advances, demands for increased functionality throughout Internet connected devices are apparent. Society is looking for ways to complete daily tasks faster, and with more convenience, than ever before. One sector to experience these advancements is that of business connections. Apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others are offering faster and more convenient ways of connecting to others, especially within career fields. Often times these connections are what allow people in the job market, or workers looking for advancement, to form career-building connections.

It is evident that any technological advancement, in the way of forming business connections, gives people seeking employment an edge in the job market. For this reason, the development of a mobile application to generate, send and receive electronic business cards would increase the efficiency of forming business connections, and therefore increase the chances of finding promising opportunities in the job market.


Technological advancements have given way to forming business connections faster, and more conveniently. While there have been many developments in the area of desktop and mobile applications, there are no mobile applications that allow for the creation, and sending and receiving of business cards. Business cards are one the most traditional means of representing contact information, and should be updated to meet the technological advancements of our new generation. With the advent of electronic business cards, it is possible to generate, send and receive business cards from anywhere at any time. This mobile app will bring these tasks up to speed with our fast paced society. Further, this would eliminate all costs to the user of having business cards made. Finally, electronic business cards are a green alternative to the printing of business cards for millions of workers.


  • Faster way to trade contact information
  • Saves users from possible typos when trading information
  • Automatically saves all information directly into contacts
  • Saves an image of all accepted business cards within the app

About Us

We are a group of 4 seniors, attending California University of Pennsylvania. Our team is comprised of 3 Computer Engineering Technology majors, and one computer science major. We have chosen to develop this android application for senior project to gain experience in mobile development, as well as illustrate the skills we have developed throughout our years at California University.

Sean Donoghue (CSC)
Sean Donoghue
Daniel Meighan (CET)
Daniel Meighan
Tramayne Thomas (CET)
Tramayne Thomas
Lamar McFall (CET)