Welcome to my website!

I had always thought to be a good photographer one needed the best equipment. Only an expensive camera and lenses could take the best pictures. I sat in class a little apprehensive because all I had was a little Sony point and shoot camera. To my suprise, I was completely wrong. My pictures were taken just as well as those with a DSLR. So, with my little camera, I went everywhere taking pictures of everything. I loved editing in photoshop, which really made them come alive. As I took pictures I became aware of what my favorite subjects were. I love erie, run down, delapitated subjects along with taking fun animal, wildlife and landscape pictures. I eventually invested into a Canon EOS 70d DSLR and I can honesly say I was worth every penny. Everyday I grow as a photographer and all I want is to continue to move forward. I now know that question I stressed so much over. Who am I supposed to be? Where am I supposed to go? I want to be a photojournalist and I there are no limits to where I can go. With my camera I will be everywhere.