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Allison Killen is a famous singer, songwriter, recording artist, and movie extraordinaire. She is the owner of The Voice Studio, a private business in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that not only enriches students' voices, but also their lives.

At The Voice Studio, students will be taught how to properly sing whatever style of music they would like to learn: pop, hiphop, rap, classical, broadway, etc. However, they will also be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and be cultured in various other styles of music that they may not often listen to.

Lessons run for roughly an hour once a week, Monday through Friday from 3pm to 8pm and Saturday from 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm. They are generally priced at 50 dollars a lesson, each "semester" being seasonal: Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer. Summer sessions are Monday through Saturday from 9am to 3pm.

There are only a certain number of slots for students due to time constraint. First come = First served. Being in the studio the previous season does not guarantee a spot in the next season of lessons. Sign up dates will be posted on the website regularly and usually begin at midnight.

In the case of a drop out or cancelled lesson, there is a wait list. The teacher can call at any time and ask if you'd like to be brought in for a lesson. If a student is tardy or missing to a lesson without a valid excuse twice, they will get a written warning sent home each time. On the third, they will be kicked out of the studio. Demand for lessons is high and the teacher's tolerance is low.

Regular curriculum for lessons are as follows. Depending on the experience of each student, we will usually start with proper breathing, just going over a couple scales, getting to know one another, and learning how to use the voice properly. Then, singing will begin. Based on the student's voice part, the teacher will recommend a couple pieces to try, but the student's ideas are priority.

For any more questions, please call 412-555-1234 to contact the teacher, Allison Killen, personally. Thank you and have a good day!