Welcome to the Chaos Tour The year 2021 has been something of a chaotic year. Bills to pay, crazy politicians, responsibilities to handle, biting your tongue to the jerk boss you have deal with, you know, the list never ends. But, summertime is coming around the corner and whats a better way to get a head start on the summer than going to the 2021 Chaos Tour? We have a lineup of bands that are far from easy going music. you like aggression? You like the pit? You like to mosh? Then why aren't you here?


2021 Lineup

Bring Me The Horizon * Emmure *

Slipknot * Of Mice & Men * Chelsea Grin * Vanna * Motionless In White * Asking Alexandria * Whitechapel


5/1 - Pittsburgh, PA

5/3 - Las Vegas, NV

5/6 - Sacramento, CA

5/9 - Chicago, IL

5/12 - New York City, NY

5/15 - Boston, MA

5/18 - Orlando, FL

5/20 - Austin, TX

5/23 -  Columbus, OH

5/25 - Salt Lake City, UT




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