Welcome to New Beginnings!

Don't know what New Beginnings is?

New Beginnings is a non-profit organization of volunteers focused on helping stray or abused animals in need. The number of stray animals in need of shelter, food and loving care is only rising so New Beginnings was created in the hopes to lessen those numbers. At New Beginnings we are determined to help all animals, from cats and dogs to horses or snakes. No animal is too old, to ugly or too difficult for our organization that will take and work with everyone of them in hopes to find them a forever home. If you wish to know more about our organization head on over to the About page.

Weekly News

Here we will have the Weekly News of what is happening at New Beginnings. We occassionally hold events such as free or reduced neutering and spaying of animals for low income homes. Sometimes chairty events will be held in hopes to further funding seeing as we are a non-profit organization that relies on donations from the neighborhood or fellow animal lovers.

Weekly Adoptions

We will be posting weekly information about pets here. Every week a new animal will be focused here in hopes to boost them, either because they are older or have been at the center the longest. Remember, every pet needs a home, even the old so we hope this section will help bring attention to those animals that people are more likely to ignore. If you wish to see our other pets up for adoption, we do have an adoption page with others.