About Me

My name is Christian Tutsock. I am a Graphics and Multimedia major at California University of Pennsylvania. After school I plan to either own, or work for, a design firm, and to have a small photography business.

I started doing photography about 2 years ago. I first became interested in it when I saw night sky and deep space photos. Since then I have been starting to branch out from not only night sky photography, but also landscape and close-up photography. I plan to continue to learn and broaden my photographic abilities to allow me to open a photography business. My goal is to do some traveling in Europe within the next few years, finish my education and enter into either a graphics firm, printing company, or starting my own business.


Most of my photos will be of either landscape, cityscape, or night sky. I live in the city of Pittsburgh, which is where a majority of my photos are taken, and some are from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Some of my passions that I enjoy photographing include sporting events, wildlife, and landscapes. My brother and I have been self-learning astronomy so that we can better photograph the night sky, star constellations, and planets.


Some of the programs I have learned to use and have experience in;


- Adobe Photoshop

- Adobe Lightroom

- Adobe InDesign

- Adobe Illustrator