Keystone Clothing is a small business that I currently own and operate alongside my partner and friend. The business is centered around buying, selling, and trading all sorts of clothing, primarily vintage clothing. At the moment, we mainly sell online and have surpassed 2000 sales within our first year, but in the future we would like to own our store. Not only will owning a store create another means of doing business with the customer, it wil also create a central hub for people who share a common interest to gather at and interact with each other.


As mentioned before, we sell all sorts of clothing. Our inventory ranges from vintage to streetwear to even high-end designer garments. Our real bread and butter is vintage clothing and it is what we specialize in. We carry t shirts primarily from the 80s and 90s era and even have garments going as far back as the 60s.

Some of our items we sell can be seen below, however to browse more of our inventory just click here


Not only do we sell clothing to our customers, but we also buy clothing from them as well. We also give the customer the opportunity to trade by exchanging items from our stock with the ones that they would like to get rid of. In the future when we have a store up and running, we would like to do consignment as well and provide the customer a chance to receive store credit for what they bring to us.