It is important to have an eye catching design for a package because you want to make your product memorable. Packaging is also important because it portrays the information about your product. The package represents your brand as a whole.

My favorite package design:

Packaged design by me:

The package for the sparkling water called "Bubly" is one of my favorite packaging when it comes to beverages. I really enjoy the different colors that each different flavor has. The design is very eye catching and it almost makes you want to drink it just by looking at it. The font that was chosen is very unique and is one of my favorite parts about this package.

I created this design last year for my color theory class. I designed a package for a series of different kind of condiments. My brand was called "Natural Nature" and I made a few different versions of cashew butter, peanut butter, and almond butter. I designed the packaging the way I did because I wanted it to look clean and have the customer feel that it is a trustworthy brand. In order to do that, your packaging must be clean.