My name is Lorraine Bracker, and I am an aspiring Graphic Designer. Thank you for checking out my work! Below, you will find two featured examples of my work, and you can view the whole portfolio here, or you can read more about me there.


If you don't know, a portfolio is a set of works created by an artist, usually presented for a purpose such as showing potential clients what the artist can do and their unique style, so it's kind of like an art gallery that you don't have to pay for to see. I hope you enjoy what you see!

Featured Work: Nano Bug Specimen Sheet

This project was the result of an assignment in a typography class. The two-part assignment began with the creation of our own Frankenstein-style fonts by chopping up three different fonts and sticking them back together to create something new. My font, called Nano Bug, was created from the fonts Assassin$, Computerfont, and Grendel Bold.


The second part of the assignment was the creation of a specimen sheet to showcase each letter of our font in a creative style. I used geometric shapes and sharp angles because of my font's futuristic machine-like appearance, and only one color (an electric blue) to draw attention to the font's name. The sheet is also covered in words that I felt described the personality of my font, such as "Error" and "Virus," and a small repeating alphabet to simulate the appearance of computer code racing across a screen.

A design showing off all of the characters of the Nano Bug font.

This is a portrait of my good friend Dre, taken for a photography class. The project was black and white portraits. It is one of my favorite pictures that I've taken because it captures Dre in a natural way, showing her laughing and in the middle of an action we often see her in (adjusting her nose ring) rather than in some stiff, fake pose. This picture makes me feel like I'm actually looking at her.

Featured Work: Portrait of Dre
A black and white portrait of a laughing woman.

I've worked with a wide variety of mediums and created many different types of projects. If you find the featured works interesting, please check out more of my work on the portfolio page, which is coming soon for your viewing and critiquing pleasure, including photographs, drawings, posters, logos, advertisements, original characters, and more!

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Developed by Bracker for GCM 180