Digital Media Technology



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In our digital world, we receive information through printed material such as packaging, signage, vehicle wraps and publications, and through digital displays on smartphones, tablets, computers and digital signs.


A bachelor’s degree in digital media technology from California University of Pennsylvania prepares you to design and deliver exciting visual content using print technologies such as lithography, flexography, screen printing, digital presses and wide-format printers, or through the use of motion graphics, websites, video, digital animation and video games.



More than 3 million people are employed in the field of digital media, and the industry is growing as new technologies emerge and evolve. The print industry also remains strong, with annual U.S.. sales exceeding $84 billion.


Cal U’s accredited digital media technology program provides technical, hands-on laboratory courses that give you a foundation in both print and multimedia technology. After completing a set of core courses, you’ll choose a concentration and develop specialized skills in the area you prefer.


Whether you choose the print or multimedia concentration, the bachelor’s degree program in digital media technology includes 20 credits of free electives, so you can personalize your learning and reach your full potential within a particular area of interest.