How to Be Successful
 - Prepare for tomorrow today, although tomorrow's arrival is unsure - You may be new to the idea of music production. You are probably asking, or maybe you have asked and not gotten an answer, where do I start in making a successful song. Here at Taillight, we strive to make our motives and methods known to our family members. So, "Where do I begin?" - Look below!
Start with a blank slate. A song can only be as good as it was written to be. A bad song will always be bad, but more importantly, a good song has the potential to become a great song, a chart-topper even. So start by writing a good song. Focus on rhythm, melody, harmony, arrangement, lyrical composition, and emotion.
Next, come to the studio when, and only when, you are prepared to record the song. A professional musician practices their instrument until they do not get the part wrong. So practice. Practice until you know that the song would be lost without your part.
Record as if it matters to the world, because we know it matters to your world. You can easily go from blank CD to written CD, but if you do not record with purpose and passion, the written CD will still be blank. Bring your best - it will be enough.
Once your song is recorded, it is up to you to do what you want with it, but we will still be here to help. Help you get signed to a record label if we didn't sign you, help you release your music, help you better you talent, and most of all help you grow in knowledge and experience.
Above all, your music is pointless unless you share it with the world, even if it is just your world. We believe that talent is no longer talent if you don't use it to better your life and those around you. We want people to hear your music, and hopefully, so do you.