Our Studio
 - Prepare for tomorrow today, although tomorrow's arrival is unsure - Here at Taillight Studios, We strive to always help create a quality recording for our family members, you. Above that, we try to go above and beyond in all that we do, creating quality records, for quality talent. we do this by our skill, but also through the gear we use. Below, you will find pictures of our recording equipment and spaces.
As always, a control room is necessary to get a quality recording and mix. Here at Taillight, we try to not over-complicate things, which is the reason for the simple, "have what you need" setup of our control room.
Included in our simple setup is a rack of outboard gear with some basic items, mainly pre-amps and compressors, along side a few other tone machines. All of these are used to make you sound as good as possible at all times.
In order to get a quality recording of our singers, it is necessary to reduce the reverberation from the walls of room as much as possible. This is done by acoustic treatment, or, in our case, a handy dandy vocal booth.
A studio would not be complete without some fun instruments to call our own, and a big enough space to record them in. Here at Taillight, we have a wide variety of instruments, pedal boards, and amps, as well as microphones, so we are certain that we can get a quality recording under any circumstances.
The above picture of our standard drum kit is one of our many instruments, but our jewel is our baby grand piano, with unprecedented tone and beautiful looks. Any of our family members are welcome to record with it, and most times, advised.

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