The Wonderful World of Marketing

Have you ever wonder what it takes to be a Marketer? What about the different jobs and opportunities there are in the field of Marketing? Well, you came to the right place! This space is centered around giving you a better understanding of all things marketing!


When some people think about a marketing degree they may not realize all that can be done with said degree. There are so many fields to marketing that people don't even think about! Sometimes marketing will be associated with individuals with extroverted attitudes and inviting personalities. Leading people who are a little bit more introverted and shy believing that this field is not the one for them. Those people are not aware of all the different opportunities they could have! You can still be a marketer and be behind the scenes and not have to talk or interact with a lot of people. You could be setting up on-line promotion websites, running a company's product social media account, or just about anything that takes just being on the computer.


One of the extroverted sides to marketing would be the sales portion. Sales is of people with colorful personalities and great communication skills. It's all about body language and selling yourself before you even think about selling the product. Who would want to spend money on something huge for their company from someone who they do not trust? You must be inviting and have the client comfortable with your knowledge and with the information you are delivering them. They need to have full faith in you AND the product.


Another trait that people have that is fabulous for marketing is creativity. The more creative the better. Company's are always looking for people that can add something to their business and to attract new customers and keep their old ones. The people that can come up from things like new ideas, window displays, stores settings, new slogans, and everything in between are much needed and are a great asset to any company.