A Little about me.

     My name is Zachary Carson. I'm a non-traditional commuter student at CalU. I am currently enrolled in the Commercial Music Technology program and I am a second semester sophomore. I went to college right out of high school in 2008 for Chemistry, however after a few years I was not enjoying the degree at all. I decided to drop out and enter the work force. After working for a few months I joined a band. I continued to work full time and play gigs around Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland. After a few years of playing, I started to do more and more sound production for the band. I decided to move to doing sound production instead of playing, and joined a small sound company out of Mt. Pleasant, PA. After learning about the CMT program at CalU, I enrolled and auditioned on guitar. I'm currently still working my "normal" job part time, schooling, and working my sound gigs on the weekend.



     My interests within music include the love of playing guitar. I play electric and acoustic guitar. On Sundays, I play lead guitar in my church's worship band. Other instruments I play, and I use the word play loosely, include lap steel, pedal steel, trombone, piano, and drums. I try to avoid sticking into any particular stereotypes. One would be just as likely to find me fishing or hunting, as they would find me sitting around a table Dungeon Mastering for friends at a game of Dungeons and Dragons. All the while enjoying my love of music.

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