Black & White Photography

I took Black and White Photography at California University of Pennslyvania in Fall 2015 with Professor Urbine. In this class we were given picture assignments. We would be told, for example, to go take a campus life photo that showed what its like on campus. Some of the other things we had to take a picture of were a portrait, close up, landscape, green screen, and create a photo essay. We also had to create some cool text effects. One of my favorite projects was our cover for our portfolio. For mine, I created a cool background and put some samples of some of the pictures I have taken. I also had my friend draw a picture of myself, I scanned it to the computer and edited it in illustrator. It came out very nice.

What I Learned From This Class

In this class we learned a lot about how to take a better picture and about some of the different output devices. We also learned some guidelines to follow. Theese guidelines are simplicity, rule of thirds, lines, balance, framing, and avoiding mergers. We also went over lighting and tonal correction, for example, there are certain times of the day when there is the best lighting and also you must make sure your camera is on the right setting depending on if your are inside or outside. I also learned how to use Photoshop, which is an application I had never used before. I learned to do some cool effects and really enjoyed this class.