Digital Photography

This semester, Fall 2016, I am taking Digital Photography taught by Professor Urbine. We had a lot more freedom with what we were allowed to do in this class compared to Black and White Photography. We also didn't have to take as many pictures because this class is more for learning new techniques in Photoshop. Some of our categories for pictures this semester were a smartphone image, black and white studio image, portrait with an Iphone we had to make in Photoshop, photo made into an oil painting, a golden hour photo, a photo for a digital AD, and a photo for a magazine cover.

Photoshop Activites

In this class, I got to learn a lot more about Photoshop. We were given assignments in our book that taught us some new techniques and ways to do things. I liked those a lot because they have helped me practice some basic skills. We also had multiple projects where we had to incorporate a picture we had taken with something made in Photoshop. For example, we had to recreate a digital AD. First we had to find inspiration then take a picture of something in the studio. After that we had to use it for recreating the original AD. Our last activity, which I havent complated yet, we have to design a composite cover for our portfolios.