Screen Printing

I took screen printing last semester with Professor Castillo. In this class we learned the basics of screen printing, such as the different kinds of frames, fabrics, and squeegees. Some of the projects we made in class were a poster, a t-shirt, and we also made a moasic window graphic as a class. For the poster we had to make a 7" x 9" poster with atleast two colors at close register print. I chose to make a poster with a sun and a moon and a cute quote. For our t-shirt, we had to create a design no larger than 8.5" x 11" with atleast two colors at close register print. For this project a designed a tree with words inside it. The last project was the class window graphic. For this one we had to each design a square of a specific size with some kind of optical illusion in it. We then put everyones together in the shape of a building and made the window graphic.

Advanced Screen Printing

I am currently taking advanced screen printing this semester, again with Professor Castillo. For this class, we did some more advanced projects. For our first project we had to do a halftone test using a specific testing image. Once it was all printed we had to do a report of our findings. For our second project we had to make a dutotone image. For mine I did a picture of my lizard, Carlos. I made carlos yellow and the background was blue. The last project was the hardest and most important of the semester. We got to choose any substrate we wanted to print on, but we had to do research to make sure it would work. We also had to write a twenty page project proposal, explaining our project. For mine, I printed on wood. My design was a quote with arrows and it came out very nice.