Layout and Design

I took layout and design in Fall of 2015 with Professor Kallis. This was probably one of my favorite classes because I learned a lot. We learned different skill sets, learned about typography, self branding, and color concepts. In this class, we used Illustrator the most which was good for me because I had never used it before and had a lot to learn. We talked about how to use some of the tools such as the pen tool, blob tool, and blending tool. Learning about color was probably the most interesting. We learned that different colors mean different things and can affect mood. For example, green usualy is a color you think of when you think money and red is a color you may think of for being angry.


One of our first projects was our self-branding project. For this one we had to create a logo for ourselves, mine was a camera. The second project we had to make a logo for a fake company. The company had to do with sports equipment and hockey. The third project we did, we had to design posters. The one had to do with Halloween and the other had to do with media. The forth project we had to design covers for two books. He would tell us a little about the book and we had to create something based off that. For the last project we had to create a board game that could be anything we wanted. I chose to make mine space themed. This was probably my favorite project.