Welcome to my website! This website is dedicated to the Digital Media Technology (DMT) major at California University of Pennsylvania. On this page I will discuss what Digital Media Technology is, and what you can expect if you enroll in DMT.

What is the Digital Media Technology program?



My name is Emily Conners, and I am in the Digital Media Technology Program at the California University of Pennsylvania. Previously, the program was called Graphics and Multimedia, but has recently been changed to a more accurate description of the study. If you enroll in DMT, you will learn how to make website such as this one, as well as learn the tools you will need to succeed and to design various other projects by using a number of different mediums to perform such tasks. Whether you pursue the digital aspect of designing, or decide to go down the route of learning how to succeed in the print industry, CalU will teach you all you need to know to reach your goals.