MiDesign Gallery

Welcome to MyDesign Gallery. A page created to show the diversity of design over the world.This site has been created as a gallery for those who wants to share their talent as Graphic Designers and artists. The Idea is to recognize the different types of designs, art works, and everything that is being created with the purpose of communicate with the audience. Creativity is the most important tool in the design world; everything we create is based on our creativity and personality. In this site, the Word "creative" means more than just imaging the art work and how it is going to be created. Creative involves ideas, and effort to make a perfect art work or design.

In the art and Design World, there are so many ways of create something even with the simple things we find in our environment. From every angle artist and designers have the ability to convert a piece of papel into an amazing art work and/or design, and the purpose is very simple, it is to communicate what the artist or designer is feeling or trying to say. Art and Design are two different things, we can describe them as similar works but the differences between them are really different and you will find it in this web site.