Who Are We?

Duff Studios is a new company breaking out of the woodwork. Its goals lay in providing animatic desplays and game designs for our viewers enjoyment. We provide new members with a two week free subscription. We strive to encapture the minds and hearts of our subscribers as we push the bounds of creativity to bring you new games, graphics, and animated clips. Whether you are just looking to game, watch your favorite animated clips, or find amazing graphics, Duff Studios is the place to go.

Design Room

What We Do?

We provide users with a ineractive experience on our site. Creating a world of possibilities only one click away, we hope to create an immersive platform in which users are able to chat, share and play their favorite videos and games, and watch clips. Explore the possibilities with Duff Studios as we strive to create a captivating experiece and compete with the mind of users as we go forward.

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