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This page is to show my progress with my clothing brand this year. This year has been kind of hard due to the virus, but I still try to keep my business going by keeping up with products, photoshoots and promotion on track. While being contained to the house I was able to work on new ideas and concepts while figuring out what’s working and what’s not. Hopefully, I am able to achieve this through the images and information about the images and with the understanding of the time. throughout the site I have models wearing my products. I also have a couple of my brand logos for reference.

Who Creates All The Logos/ Art For The Brand?

I create all the logos for the brand as well as the photography/videography. i chose to do it this way to cut out the middleman and have fast turn arounds for projects that may take others weeks or so.

Live Free . Be Different . Be You

The Loners Society Was Created For The True Loners Of The World. The People Living In The Shadows Finally Have Their Time To Shine With A Brand That Solely Represents Them. In This Society You're Never Truly Alone. Explore Our World.


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