C-Rae Permanent Cosmetics Supply

What is C-Rae?

C-Rae is a permanent cosmetics supply company that distributes products and tools necessary to achieve multiple styles of permanent makeup.


C-Rae was first created in July of 2017, starting out as just a pigment line but soon becoming much more than that.


C-Rae Supply distributes things such as:


-Permanent Makeup Pigments

-Numbing Creams

-Microblading Tools

-Specialized Sanitary Instruments (such as gloves, disinfectant wipes, alcohol wipes, sterile mats for working surfaces, etc.)

-Measuring Tools

Where was C-Rae established?

C-Rae Pigments Logo

C-Rae Permanent Cosmetics Supply (company logo shown above) was established originally in Scottsdale, Arizona.

C-Rae Pigment Bottles

Shown above are three bottles of C-Rae Pigments. Each are used for a different purpose. On the left (red) and in the middle (green) are both Classic Series Pigments. Classic Series Pigments are used for several types of permanent makeup. Colors such as these are meant for undertones in the skin and for uses on the eyelid for eyeliner and lips for lipliner. The bottle to the right (tan) is used for correcting dark and washed out undertones in microbladed eyebrows. Since it is extremely difficult to remove, lighter colors such as this one is used to correct that and make it easier to cover up.


A common misconception is that permanent makeup pigments are the same as tattoo pigments, which is incorrect. Tattoo pigments are not safe for the face and since human skin is much different than other parts of body, a different type of pigment needs to be used when tattooing the face.