My name is David Findley. My major at CalU is Business Analytics. I am taking 5 courses including CSC201 Internet Concepts.

I am taking this course as a free undergrad class to fill the slot and also because I have an interest in basic web development. I expect to learn the basics of web page design and be able to design my own web page by the end of the course.

Why I chose CalU

I chose CalU mainly out of convenience and location. I researched the courses and majors offered and then compared them to the current and projected job markets. I chose to get my BS in Management Information Systems in December of 2015. I started at CalU in the Spring of 2016 as a freshman and completed the majority of the course work by the Fall of 2017. I was able to start my graduate course in the Summer of 2017 due to my class standing. I will graduate this May with my BS and then in December with my MBA.