My name is Sarah Floyd and I am a Graphic Design Major with a Minor in Marketing. I am a Junior this year at California University of Pennsylvania. I am involved in many things around campus including...


-Graphic Designer in the Mac Lab

-Graphic Design Intern for VPSL

-Member of STAND Campus Ministry

-Peer Mentor

-Member of Studio 224


I have created this website to give a sample of some of the art work I have created here in my two years at Cal U. The artworks on my next page are all pieces I placed into my sophomore portfolio.


The majority of my art has been created in my studio classes that I have taken this far. Most of them have been created using the Adobe Creative Suite. If you enjoy my artwork, please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There are links to all of these sites on the bottom of the page.


To view more of my artwork, click here.