Watermelon Sound

Watermelon Sound


Watermelon Sound is a recording and mastering studio established in San Francisco, California, in 2026. Our goal is to work with you to create professional and creative pieces. Here at WS, we welcome musicians of all ages and skills. Are you a "fresh out of high-school" garage band? Come record your hit EP with us. Not only do we help you record your music, but we also introduce the world of music technology and will show you the steps of creating sound. Are you an experienced musician? We have a selection of solo rooms for you to do recordings at your own expense.

Watermelon Sound offers rooms designed to hold the best sound. Visit one of our acoustically designed rooms to ensure a warm and homey sound to your track. We are here not only to create your album, but to walk you through creating an album, and ensuring you get the best results. We use Logic Pro X as our main recording format. Our goal is to provide for you the best technologies, from a warm sound of analog, to our powerful editing on digital.

Our Equipment Includes:

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