Rose House



The Rose House is a DIY venue in Philadelphia which hosts many young, local, or unsigned bands to give them a place to build their following by playing shows or by creating live recordings of their preformances. Groups who play at the venue never have to pay a cover charge in order to earn a show, but are instead asked to be in charge of selling their tickets, so as to allow smaller bands the same opportunity to play as the more popular ones.



The only time bands are required to pay a fee is if they choose to take advantage of our recording set up and in house audio engineer to turn their show into a fully mixed live recording. Many bands looking to release a live album, demo tape, or just a bonus track on an album have made use of this option in the past. For more information or pricing estimates for live recordings, please send us an email at



The venue itself is based in the converted first floor of the owner's (Colin Frink)house, and has been operating as a DIY venue for several years. Originally playing host mainly to acts from the cities local punk scene, the Rose House has since expanded it's audience to just about any genre of music, although it still plays an integral role to the punk scene. The Rose House is always open to music fans of any age, meaning that no show is ever restricted to those above 21. We believe that no fan of a band should be denied the chance to see them because of their age.

To see some of the most iconic bands to have played at the Rose House, CLICK HERE!