Jay Hassler

Post Graduation Goals


What is this website about?


This website is about my long term goals after graduation and where I'd like to be in the industry, covering what I plan to do full time, and what I plan to do as a side job.


The Goal


After graduation, I plan to become certified to teach a recording arts class in a high school. In this class, I would teach the basics of recording with microphones, and the use of digital audio workstations. The classes would have multiple media integrated into the course as audio engineers are so often expected to have knowledge of other media forms such as presentation software and lighting. If time permits, I would also teach on live sound and technologies that bring more efficiency to the table going over anything from learning about digital sound boards to setting up an easy to use system for the performers so they can focus on playing instead of fighting with their technology.




Some other things I could be teaching/working on are:

  • Music theory
  • Directing an alternative band
  • Running sound for school events
  • Setting up sound systems for classrooms