I have been involved in several shows since a young age. I have performed with Children's, Community, Professional, and College Theatre's. When I started theatre, I had a strong interest in performing for musicals, but as my years at California University of Pennsylvania have passed I have realized my love for Stage Management. During my years as a theatre major I have done a mix of performing and Stage Managing for shows. My Stage Management experience grew when I injured my knee in the Spring of 2017 and had to have a knee reconstruction, which left me unable to perform but gave me an experience to grow in my Stage Management skills.

Graphics and Multimedia

I started my Graphics and Multimedia minor so that I could continue learning with my passion for photography and graphic design. I have created several shirts and posters for theatre companies and I am also the T-shirt Chair for my sorority. Photography has been a passion of mine since high school. My senior year I decided to start a small photography business from home. This business has grown a lot since high school and I have been hired to take pictures for headshots, senior pictures, events, family pictures, and weddings.



As my college years have been going by my interests have been swaying more and more towards photography. Although I still love theatre, I plan on expanding my photography business more after I graduate this year. I will still continue to do theatre, just not as my career. This summer, I was able to book several senior picture sessions which showed me that I have a chance at expanding my business more after graduation. If I can get a job in theatre that would also be wonderful, but for now I am going to follow wherever life takes me.