Music Journey

  Welcome this site is dedicated to my aspirations as a Commercial Music Technology major. Here you will see my journey and my goals in the aftermath of school.


  CMT stands for Commercial Music Technology. That is the use of Music in multimedia; for instance the music in a movie or a video game. I am a CMT major and my media route is videogames. I have plans to be a Video Game Sound Designer.


  A Video Game Sound Designer creates the music and sounds you hear in a video game, from voice acting to the tiniest thud in a game. Data from 2016 says that a decent job doing this is estimated to have a starting salary of $55,000 a year. There wasn't always a demand for jobs like this. As media and technology have evolved so has music and they way we listen to it as well as make it. The funny thing is that of all the buttons on a board you almost never need to use them all but it is a very helpful skill. I can't wait to tell you more about myself in this context.