In high school I always enjoyed going to class on days that involved multimedia. Photoshop was one of my personal favorites because I love working with images and editing them to completely refurbish the picture to make it better. Other than photoshop, I also enjoyed multimedia 1. In that class, we designed story boards and came up with video idea’s to play on the school tv every morning. This class was also a favorite of mine because you can be very creative allowing the videos to be unique making it a fun activity. When filming videos, we were always looking for the best camera angles to get the best possible shot for the video, it was cool learning how different angles could change the whole scene just because of perspective. After getting all the footage, you would then edit the video on the software Adobe Premiere. This was my favorite part about the class because on my free time I would mess around with the software and learn all about it.


All About Me: Multimedia and Graphics Major