Who Am I?


My name is Cameron Klosky. I am a Music Technology at CalU and a Sophmore. My interest

involved making music and playing around with computers. I recently changed fro being

a Computer Science Major. I enjoyed my classes and teachers. However, it wasn't a right

fit for me. As a music technology major a majority of my time is spent behind the keyboard. I'm

starting late into learning music theory. So I have a lot of catching up to do.

Ideally I would want to learn how produce music or teach. I love to create my own ideas

and play around with new sounds. I would also enjoy to teach but I am still not the best

at theory or reading music. Learning from someone who is self taught is an advantage but

overtime it can lead to sloppy technique. Eventually I would like to start my own music

store to teach kids how to play or own my own studio and rent it out. Check out my animation