Technology Education



Thank you for visiting the South Allegheny Technology Education Department website. Here you will find links to helpful websites, student work, as well as biography pages about our staff. Our goal is for every student to succeed in whatever field of industrial or media arts they choose.


The department is made up of 4 different labs; CAD Lab, Wood Shop, Graphic Arts Lab, and the Programming Classroom. We would like every student to explore at least one of the many classes we offer in the technology department.


Inside these labs, we have a wide variety of different machines and equipment. The CAD Lab features 30 high quality desktop PC computers with many programs such as; The Adobe Suite, AutoCAD, Inventor, and ProDesktop. It also is equipped with 3 MakerBot 3D printers, a one-of-a kind Laser Engraver/Cutter, and 2 large projection screens.


The Graphic Arts Lab houses 30 iMac computers capable of running some of the most prominent software in the industry. The lab is also equipped with a 32" Colored Poster Printer and a 36" Vinyl Cutter.


If working with your hands is more your skill, check out the Wood Shop. Here we have a wide variety of lathes, saws, jointer's, planers, and hand tools to help you accomplish any project.


The Programming Classroom is our newest lab which is stocked with 35 Lenovo Google Chromebooks to offer the ability to learn computer programming upon all levels. The lab also features Hummingbird robots that are used in accordance with the Arts Department.