Video Editing, Through the Eyes of a Hobbyist


Video Editing


Video editing is the art of taking raw footage and turning it into something that is polished, complete, and ready to be viewed by millions. The editors are where the magic happens; they make all of the effects on screen happen to amaze us while we sit in broken theatre seats chewing buttery fluffs of popcorn.


Video editing is an often under-appreciated part of the video world. So much time and effort goes into making sure that raw footage is refined into a cinematic masterpiece. If it weren't for all of those specialized video editors in the movie industry, those superhero movies that we would go and pay ten dollars to see three or four times a year would literally be a bunch of less-than-amazing people running and jumping around completely green rooms.

Deadpool movie green screen

It isn't quite the same is it? Of course it isn't!

If you enjoy movies and how they look and feel, you should thank an editor.

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