What the business that you looking at all about. This website is here to show about a person that has had a dream about opening this business since senior year of high-school. Now that it is up in running now the question what the business about well I am here to assist small business that are having trouble advertising to help them an show the some techniques of how to advertise better. So with my services I will follow what they went to be advertised but use my techniques to bring more people in. So when they call for my services we will have a meeting discussion about what I do and what they want and see if we have any similar things of advertising there business. When they agree they want my services we set a goal of when I give them my services free and once we meet it they either can sign a contract with me to keep advertising or pay me the amount we agree on once they meet there goal.

The picture has the word small business in it but around it all the words that go along with a small business.

So they way I think is if I help the small business in some neighborhoods then the economy in those neighborhood will go up. So my goal with opening this business was to enjoy what I like to do but help and teach people about advertising techniques and to bring business into there business. So the only way for business that are small to survive is to get there name out there but they don't now how to or they tried and it didn't work. So every questions is what if you don't meet the goal you don't make money well thats true when I first start hopefully when I around a while I will have a few contracts signed to keep my belief going and helping these small business. So that what this whole business is all about.