My Journey

My name is Hayley Little and I am a senior in college. I am currently attending California University of Pennsylvania.


So my journey starts with my high school graduation, when I started college I was an Environmental Biology major with plans of going into Marine Biology. When I got to my sophomore year of college I changed my major to Special Education. My freshman through my junior year I was Liberty University. I landed at CalU because of to tough time in my life. Coming to Cal I learned that my education classes didn't transfer landing me in yet another major, Liberal Studies. This brings me to my master program which will be Special Education.

My love of children have always been there. For the last two summers I have gotten the opportunity to work at Jumonville Camp and Retreat Center. This is a Christian summer camp in the mountains of SW Pennsylvania. For the last two summers I have worked with an organization called H.O.P.E Camp. It stands for Helping Overcome Problems Everyday. This program is for children is who have someone is prison or someone who is on government assistance. When dealing with children in the program, I have discovered that some of them have a disability. Disabilities that I have seen with these children include, but are not limited to, Autism, Emotional Disturbance, ADD/ADHD, and other psychiatric illnesses. This program has grown me into a better person and given a greater understanding of children that cry out and necessarily are not heard.

I will be forever grateful to Jumonville Camp & Retreat Center. The experience that I have gotten from the children and the staff is something that I will never get anywhere else. They tell you in college that "the people you meet in college might be your connection someday." This I believe is also true in the college staff that have shaped my life in excellent ways. The staff will be some of My forever friends and people I plan to talk to for a long time. To see more picture about my life click here