I have a job at Bethlehem Center High school. I get the pleasure of working with 15 lovely students throughout the day. I want to highlight each student, his or her disability and how it looks to the average person.

The first student in my classroom is Mallory Little.  Mallory is a Freshman this year and I have her for English, History, and Science.

Mallory has dyslexia, she was diagnosed in the third grade and has been in the special education program since. Dyslexia is a disability where the brain processes letter and words backwards and upside-down in some cases.

In the picture to the right you can see on the top line how the words look to someone without dyslexia. The second line is how those same words look to Mallory or someone else with this disorder. The letters that are mixed up vary from person to person.



For Mallory she mixes up b&d, p&9, 2&6, and g&q. she has been able to now distinguish between m&w. The picture to the left is what a sentences looks like to her. This one sentence is the greatest example of why she needs extra help.