One of the programs used for the high school class is Blender. I have created a blender movie with a vase. I started with a simple circle and soon extruded and scaled the circle up to make a vase. I then did the inside of the vase the same way. I then created the floor that the vase is sitting on. The vase was placed in the corner of the floor to look as if it were in the corner of the room. I created the floor using the plane tool, resized the plane and move it to be under and not cutting through the vase. I then created to walls to go make the vase look as if it were sitting in a room. I created the walls the same way as the floor making sure not to block the camera. After creating the walls and the floor I colored all four items. I the created text to go in front of the vase the reads “Hayley Little” I colored that and then extruded it to make the letter look 3D. the then went on to capture the picture that you see here and then created an animation to follow. Click on the picture to see the animation.