My name is Jalen Love and I'm a freshman at Calu and im majoring in commercial music technology. I like to be outdoors and play basketball and I love fishing. I'm from Aliquippa, Pennsylvania which is on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. I picked commercial music technology because music is a passion that I've had for quite some time but never knew it at first. Back in 8th grade, I started pencil tapping on the desk and my friends who were in band at the time were like," that sounds pretty good, you should play the drums in band so later that year i auditioned to be in the highschool's marching band.


 I started off on cymbals and wanted to make my way to snare drum so I started teaching myself how to hold the sticks the right way and taught myself how to read music. After years of 8 hour practices after I finished my homework when i got home, I made the quad line. After I graduated from Aliquippa, I decided to further my education at Calu. I was always wanted to get into video recording and editing because I always thought that was cool and theres a lot of people who need audio engineers. 5 years from now I see myself producing music and editing videos for artists and becoming a movie director. I feel as this multi-media class will really help me develop those skills so I can make that dream a reality.


Here's a slide-show of my drum-line gallery