High Notes Café


High Notes

We like to bring people together, here, and then we like to rip them apart.  The good times stay good only when they aren’t bad.


    The uniquely innovative café has finally arrived to the scene!  Here at High Notes Café, we like to give our guest the most amazing experience they didn’t even know they wanted. 

    Enjoy many of our incredible entertaining acts that vary from night to night.  Some nights are classy while other nights are quite trashy, because we like to switch it up in here.  There’s a night of week for everyone here. That is thanks to our amazing night crew who can change the layout of the Café in only 6 hours.  Keep up the good work night crew.


Welcome to High Notes Café

Classy Mondays - Live Jazz

Typical Tuesdays - Relaxin/Chill Music

Whatever Wednesdays - Jam Sesh

Throwback Thursdays - Classic Tunes

F**k You Fridays - Electronic Music

So High Saturdays - R&B/Rap/Hip-Hop

Sorta Serious Sundays - Gospel Music

To the Left is our Creator.  Russell Brand