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About Me

I am a graduate of California University of Pennsylvania and I have a bachelor’s degree in technology education and minors in mathematics and physics. I have been working at Hempfield Area School District for two years after substitute teaching for two years. My hobbies include robotics, mountain biking, and camping. My goal is to motivate the young minds of our community in the ever-growing field of STEM.


In my high school and college years I was apart of the Bots IQ Program. Bots IQ is an open engineering  robotics competition. In this competition different high schools and colleges built battle style robots and competed in battles. The experience of research and designing a new robot from scratch every year taught me more than any high school class. This experience inspired me to start a camp for middle schoolers that give them a taste of what is to come at the high school and college level.


Downhill Mountian Biker
Hempfield Eli 2017 Battle Bot
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