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Ball Shooter Bot

Last year we did a ball gathering challenge. This is an example of a students final project. These students decided to use gears to grab and trap the balls in the center of the bot.

Here is an other example of a ball gathering bot. This team chose to use a convener belt to gather the balls. Both methods are unique and provide different design and strategic challenges.

This is a third example of a ball gathering bot. This one lowered a cage down onto the balls and drove around with them inside.

Here are a few examples of the unique designs that won various challenges in the past. Any thing from part of an assembly line to sumo bots to ball gathering, there's a bot for everything.

This is a picture that anyone who has been to Robotics camp understands all to well. My reminder (that no one seems to follow) PLUG IN BATTERIES EVERY NIGHT! To see more vex pictures click HERE.

Developed by: Colin Phillips