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Ball Shooter Bot

To create this short animation I had to do a few steps. First I had to create my vase. I started with a circle and extruded it and scaled it from bottom to top to create the outside wall of the vase. Then I offset the top circle inward a little bit and created the inner wall by extruding downward and keeping the extruded lines parallel to the existing outer wall ones. Then I took the two bottom circles and made them mesh at the center to create the inside and out side bottom of the vase. Next I recolored the vase. Then I used the text tool to write my last name and  recolor it. I rotated it and moved it in front of the vase. Next I created three rectangles and moved them into place to be the walls and floor around my vase and name. I Recolored those as well. Then I added in a spot light to get a shadow. Finally I used key frames and the camera to create a animation of the camera. Click on my picture to go to the video.

Developed by: Colin Phillips