Welcome to my Portfolio

Hello, my name is Lexia Rickert and I'm currently a junior graphic design student. Design is communication, and there's no possible way to not not communicate. Everything can communicate something whether a store communicates what hours they are open, the way a person is dressed communicates their confidence and style as an individual, and especially, a business logo can communicate lots of things from a targeted audience to the product at hand.

What I hope to accomplish from this portfolio is to help get my work out there to possible employers as well as clients. The kind of work I enjoy doing is coming up with my own brands for things that don't exist in order to make a cool logo for said fake brand. I also enjoy the advertisment side of design like for example this picture below of an anti-smoking campaign for Truth.

photo of an antismoking campagin

Examples of Work

If you want to learn more about me, click here

photo of a drawing of an arm photo of geralds game book cover photo of a fish market logo