Robson Recording


Robson Recording has a particular goal of providing the best production quality available. We achieve this by employing the most effective techniques as well as people that are experts in their field. Our studio has all of the best equipment needed to produce high quality music. there are many layers to producing from recording the raw sound to editing and mixing it to make it all sound like the music that is heard on the album. It can be a long and difficult process, but the end result is the reason this studio was founded.

‚Äčclose up photo of a soundboard

We do a number of charitable work in our community. some projects include the donation of equipment to various schools as well as "lesson 1". This is a free program that encourages everyone who is interested in learning how to play an instrument or just music in general. we get volunteer instructors to teach classes on various instruments.


We have worked with various artists in the industry of many different styles of music. We have produced small independent bands as well as metal groups and pop stars. Some of the most notable works include Brno Mars' newest single and Avenged Sevenfold's newest album.


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