SeamsRock's Super Sensational Sssssss.......Website!


(The "S" is there so it still counts as alliteration so shhhh)


We here at SeamsRock Studios (conveniently located at the residence of the CEO himself) are dedicated to pushing ourselves further. As long as pushing yourself isn't too hard. We strive for excellence. Unless we don't really feel like it. And we always deliver. Albeit several months later than expected. And by that point the client already moved to another service. And that service already finished their version. And their version is better. With a better budget. And larger, more skilled team. And we're going bankrupt and it's a problem. But that's not the point! The point is the IRS is calling and we need help so hire us maybe because they even brought the police this time and I'm a little scared!


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Hey, guys! It's me, Totally-Not-Stock-Photo SeamsRock team member, Harold! Welp, back to the grind!

Since early 2012, the SeamsRock team has endeavored to entertain, as well as to develop their own skills in the process. What started out as simply cutting up video clips into 10 minute chunks, to adding title cards, and even creating original thumbnail art (from not-original models but don't worry they were open source), the SeamsRock team has blossomed into a ready and willing team to tackle any job that comes their way. With the promise of a full-fledged education in Graphics and MultiMedia looming on the horizon, the future has never looked so promising.


How do we do it all? With these!