My name is Emily Seng and I am currently a junior at Califonia Univerity of Pensylvania. I am in the Digital Media Tehnology major focusing on Graphic Design. I came to CalU in 2016 not very sure of what I wanted to do. Sure enough, I found my way into the DMT program and fell in love with my classes! This major fits me perfectly and I can't wait to share my work.
CalU's DMT program includes a curriculum of very hands-on labs involving topics like digital page layout, print media, application programming, specialty graphics print techniques, web publishing, digital photography and digital audio and video. I find all of which very intresting and have enjyed every class I have had so far! I love working in the labs hands on and being able to see myself progress in the program. Every professor in the program is also very helpful. They make sure to reach out to you and keep you on track. If you want to know more click on my "About Me" page to see my contact information, education, and more!